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Hard Problems Solved Fast

Hard Problems Solved Fast

Get better software faster. Don’t waste your time or your money.

I can help you solve hard technical problems quickly and cost effectively – particularly those involving Ruby on Rails, PHP, MySQL, and MongoDB. Give me a call – (603) 574-4766.

Oh, and, by way of introduction, my name is David Berube. I’m based in the northeast United States – southern New Hampshire, specifically. I’m primarily a technology consultant and freelance software developer; I’m also an speaker, writer, and teacher.

Are you having a problem with your website? I specialize in fixing other people’s bugs – a lot of my work involves fixing issues left behind by a previous developer. It can be very hard to pick up where someone else left off; many programmers find it challenging or impossible to take a large codebase and fix bugs. It’s a difficult job, but it’s something I’m very experienced at.

I also specialize in performance problems. Is your site going slow? I can take at look at your situation and write a report recommending a course of action – usually, it’s something that your existing developers can implement without much hassle. (Of course, I’m also available for some implementation work.) Truth be told, I usually see programmers making the same kinds of mistakes – which is good for you, since that means I can help you very cost effectively.

No matter what kind of problems you have, give me a call – I can either help you or find you someone who can. My number is (603) 574-4766, and I’m always happy to talk

Quick Facts about David Berube

My Writing

I’ve written several books on computer programming – specifically Practical Ruby Gems, Practical Rails Plugins, and Practical Reporting with Ruby and Rails.

I also write for magazines – like Dr Dobb’s Journal, Linux Pro Magazine, PHP International Magazine, as well as online publications like IBM DeveloperWorks and Red Hat Magazine.