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About Berube Consulting

Berube Consulting is a boutique software development firm founded in 2002 by David Berube. Over eighty percent of my work comes from existing clients, from fields including sales, training, retail, service firms, and nonprofits. Unlike many software development firms, I specialize in dealing directly with businesses; rather than developing from a spec, I work with you to determine project goals.

About David Berube

David Berube is a software developer, consultant, speaker, and writer. He is constantly researching, perfecting, and practicing his trade. He is a prolific writer, appearing in places such as Dr Dobbs Journal, Linux Magazine, IBM DeveloperWorks, PHP International Magazine, and many others. He speaks frequently, notably including his seminar series, “Making Money Using Open Source Software”. He authored the books “Practical Rails Gems” and “Practical Reporting with Ruby and Rails”, and co-authored the book “Practical Rails Plugins.”

He is also a leader in the Open Source community. He was involved with the AmphetaDesk project, developing much of its Win32 GUI code. He has chaired various open source user groups, arranged seminars, and spoke on relevant topics in the community.

Acclaim for Mr. Berube

“David Berube is highly recommended as a programmer and developer. He single handedly saved our project from imminent ruin. He has proven most professional in his conduct. He is extremely fast and efficient. Most importantly, David really knows his code. I recommend him highly.”
“I hired David Berube to evaluate a custom built portal… He was able to offer constructive criticism to the developer, pick up on issues that needed to addressed immediately. His report has saved us time by giving easy an more effective ways of building this portal and other projects we are working on. I would highly recommend Mr. Berube. ”
—Dave Lapierre,
“Our company came to David with general questions about our Ruby on Rails shopping cart project. I described how we were building our shopping cart, and how we planned to implement the shipping and billing features. Thanks to David’s experience, he instantly knew what pitfalls to avoid, and gave reassurance that we were headed on the right path. I found him friendly and knowledgeable, not just about Rails, but about software development and programming in general – he even recommended some great books! Next time I feel stuck on a huge project, I won’t hesitate to give David a call.”
—Fred Alger
“I needed a modification done to my phpAdsNew server code, and not only did David deliver the modification I needed, but did it at a reasonable price and had the code in my hands in less than a couple of hours. You can’t beat that!
—Tim L. Walker
“I recently had the pleasure of hearing David Berube speak to a group of technologists on the topic of “Making Money Using Open Source Software”. His presentation was both informative and entertaining. As an experienced entrepreneur and Free Software advocate, I know that his insights were on the mark.
—Greg Rundlett,
“[David] offered some really great advice… I came away from the presentation with some very good ideas that I intend to put into use.”
—Scott A. Garman,
University of New Hampshire Nuclear Physics Group
“[David] gets what customer relations are supposed to be about”
—N. Bombardieri.
“David Berube is a great programmer to work with. He is professional, responsive, and understands Web 2.0 methodology when building sites.”
—Dan Scudder

My Writing

I’ve written several books on computer programming – specifically Practical Ruby Gems, Practical Rails Plugins, and Practical Reporting with Ruby and Rails.

I also write for magazines – like Dr Dobb’s Journal, Linux Pro Magazine, PHP International Magazine, as well as online publications like IBM DeveloperWorks and Red Hat Magazine.