Articles I've Written

On Business

How Your Business Can Pick A Software Developer

Guidelines for choosing a software developer you won't regret.

5 Ways to Make Your Presentations Sizzle

Five ways to give better presentations.

Special Report: 5 Ways To Make Your Website Sell More (Adobe PDF format)

Five ways you can increase profits.

On Technical Issues

MySQL Online Schema Changes - Linux Pro Magazine, February 2013

Develop Easy Realtime Websites with Meteor - IBM Developerworks, January 2013

Remote Disk Monitoring - Linux Pro Magazine, March 2012

Encode Video with MongoDB Work Queues - IBM Developerworks, February, 2012

Speeding up Ruby on Rails - IBM DeveloperWorks, July, 2010

Cracking Open Proprietary Formats - PHP International Magazine, March 2006

Custom E-Commerce with osCommerce - PHP International Magazine, March 2005

Web Spiders in Ruby - Linux Magazine, February 2005

Dynamic Database Objects in Ruby - Dr Dobb's Journal, December 2004

Software Development Productivity - Variable Naming Conventions

Write code faster with state-of-the-art naming conventions.

Six Tips For Fewer Bugs

Six ways to write code with fewer bugs.

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